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Grow360™ in Numbers

No. of plants in 1 Unit

No. of plants per m²

System's area* (m²)

No. of harvests per year

Annual yield per m² (kg/m²)**

*Facility space not included
**Weight per harvested crop is estimated from a combination of herbs, leafy greens, and heads of lettuce with an average weight of 250 g per plant and 18 harvests per year.


Using the basic principle of hydroponics, Evergreen Farm Oy has developed an innovative vertical farming technology that produces the highest yield per square meter and per cubic meter called the Grow360™ system.

The Grow360™ system enables us to grow high-quality fruits and vegetables in a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled, multi-level indoor facility. The system offers a reliable year-round output, as well as the ability to produce in-demand non-native vegetables at extremely affordable prices.

Our Grow360™ system is not only cost-effective, saves land area and manpower, but also maximizes production and improves produce quality.

In a nutshell

Controlled Environment
Automated Harvesting
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things
Zero Waste

Controlled Environment

& Automation

  • CO2 (Carbon dioxide)
  • O2 (Oxygen)
  • O3 (Ozone)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Nutrition level
  • pH
  • Flow control
  • Temperature
  • O2 level
  • Consumption
  • Light wave lengths
  • Illuminance
  • Consumption
  • Green area index
  • Growth status
  • Diseases
  • Inside temperatures
  • Inside humidity
  • Rotation
  • Yield mass
  • Quality
  • Multi-platform software and apps
  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data & Analytics
Growth, Harvesting & Logistics Optimization
Market Demand Forecast
Cloud Services Through Green Cloud Computing
Platform Economy
24/7 Service Center

The Grow360™​ system combines the benefits of existing technology in robotics and engineering with agriculture. The robotic harvester and transporter allows full automation reducing labor costs when desired. When minimizing land area is important, units can be stacked on top of each other, automation plays a critical role in eliminating the risk and expenses associated with humans working high above the ground level.

Modular System











Hassle-free Design

  • Modular system allows quick and easy replacement of crops

  • Referring to the plants, in no circumstances any part in the module is connected with another beside it

  • The modular design has a great advantage due to the facts that a plant can be changed and fixed at any time if a disease is detected. This protects the entire production from getting destroyed, which holistically makes the system practical, economic and distinctive compared to other systems.


Grow360™ Tower

  • A Grow360™ unit can be easily stacked on top of another unit. This requires a “Base Unit” at floor level, with “Stacked Units” sitting on top of each other, creating what we call a “Tower”.
  • The Base Unit houses the majority of the controls, monitoring, and specific equipment. This allows an enormous gain in land area usage.
  • Each Tower will share a common nutrition tank, and controlling parameters, and as such, most compatible crops.

A single Grow360™ unit produces 4 times more than the most efficient vertical farming systems and 20 times more than traditional hydroponics in just one layer.

Grow360™ Software

With the aid of machine learning, a “branch” of artificial intelligence, our proprietary software utilizes data from current market prices, plant’s growth patterns, resources usage, logistics processes and more, to determine and design an optimal crop planting schedule that maximizes financial gain.

Grow LED Lights

Each Grow360™ unit uses 17 LED fixtures to provide illumination with the most appropriate wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum ideal for individual plants and stages.

Renewable Energy

100% electric grid independence can be achieved through the use of our patented, cost-effective solar & wind technology. This solar and wind collector brilliantly integrates solar thermal, solar PV and wind energy in a single compact and efficient structure.

Water & Nutrition

Automated mixing of recycled water with nutrition.

Plants are automatically fed with organic nutrients through the Direct Feed mist irrigation system.


  • Highest number of plants per meter
  • No excess humidity
  • No excess heat
  • Modular system allows quick and easy replacement of crops
  • Even lighting
  • Even CO2 distribution
  • Even air flow distribution
  • Pollination
  • Robotic acces
  • Equal nutrition to each plant
  • 100% grid independence
  • Proprietary solar & wind technology
  • Lighting technology with no heat production
  • Ideal wavelength for individual plants and stages
  • Organic fertilizer and substrate
  • Closed-loop system recycles nutrients and corrects mineral deficiencies
  • Water harvesting 
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Robotic harvester and transporter


Often space usage efficiency in vertical farming is thought of in terms of land area, meaning horizontal usage of space, disregarding the vertical requirements. A system might produce what would seem a high amount of crops. However, this efficiency in land area is accomplished mainly by stacking horizontal layers on top of each other. This means, their increased production is mostly a result of an increase in volume usage. The lack of consideration for volume usage makes it difficult to compare and evaluate different systems. With the aim of facilitating this comparison, we are presenting a mathematical analysis and explanation of the Grow360™ Units space usage efficiency.

Systems that grow plants vertically are more efficient than those that stack layers horizontally. Therefore, we will do the comparison between the Grow360™ rotating cylinders and vertical layers.



The core of our motivation is to support the hydroponics industry expand to the level required to meet the food demand of a growing population. Hydroponics and vertical farming offer a realistic and tangible solution to that challenge. As such, entering the hydroponic industry seems like an exciting opportunity. Simultaneously, designing and building a suitable system might be cumbersome or inefficient. In order to address the need for simplicity and efficiency, we have designed the eco-friendly and low-cost Grow360™ units.

Farming facilities using our environmentally-controlled vertical farming technology can grow year-round vegetables, fruits, and flower.

Our system can be used by newcomers or seasoned hydroponic farmers, alike. Since we design, build and install systems according to specific needs. Additionally, we provide education and training followed by ongoing support for the licensed units.

Initial system design will consider high-market value produce to create a rapid return on investment.

For licensing of the Grow360™ system or for further inquiries, email us at

We design, build, install and offer ongoing support worldwide.





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